iphone 6 – 64Go

iphone 6 – 64Go

586.68 $

Processor : 1.4 GHz Dual-core
Operating system : iOS 8
Screen : Retina HD 4,7″
Weight : 129 grammes
Camera : 8Mpx
Memory : 64 GB

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When it was released in 2014 the iPhone 6 was one of the hottest smartphone on the market. Featuring a completely rethought design, Apple loaded the iPhone 6 with a wealth of custom software and hardware features.

The combination of hardware and software features made the iPhone 6 one of the most innovative and powerful smartphones ever seen. However, one year on Apple’s competitors have come out swinging releasing their own wave of top-end innovative handsets.

The iPhone 6 opts for soft curves and seamless joins between the screen and the back. It’s a very different look from the iPhone 5S, which has shiny machined edges. Barring some plastic detailing on the rear it’s all glass and metal, and looks great for it.

It may not be as instantly arresting, but the iPhone 6 looks like it’s been hewn from a single piece of metal and glass and fused seamlessly together. The effect is particularly strong in the space grey finish and with the screen turned off. It is a beautiful slab of black glass and anodised aluminium. We feel the design is safe rather than ground-breaking, though. The white bezel on the silver version ruins the seamless effect a little – we’d go for space grey every time.


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